The Freelancer – How to Keep Writing and Making Money During the Coronavirus Crisis

Your kids and spouse are probably home, you hope to get to the supermarket today, and oh yeah, you still need to make a living during a pandemic that’s grinding everyone and everything to a halt.

While we are lucky enough to be able to work remotely during this crisis, economic uncertainty hangs heavy for freelancers, who are especially vulnerable during slowdowns. Absent long-term contracts, freelancers are easy targets for cuts. Plus many of us are sitting on a backlog of completed projects that only pay upon publication. Unrelated to coronavirus, they seem painfully irrelevant now and it’s anyone’s guess whether and when they’ll run.

The good news is that, as media outlets and brands pivot coverage toward the crisis, we’re still seeing plenty of paid writing opportunities up for grabs. We checked in with freelancers across the country to get their take on the fallout and round up their tips to weather the storm.

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