– TrustyScribe: The Unintentional Mental Health Superhero

“My work took on a life of its own. I wasn’t trying to put these messages out to change the world or grow a following and become famous. The whole thing happened because I was in the middle of a massive depression.”

Those words are from TrustyScribe, our second superhero in SilverCloud’s “Mental Health Superheroes” series.

If you’re not familiar with TrustyScribe, he is a Los Angeles-based writer, photographer and artist, who has created street art in the form of mental health “word bubbles,” throughout the U.S. and around the world.

His personal, honest words about mental health have struck a nerve and opened up conversations about depression, suicide, and other mental health issues.

We caught up with TrustyScribe to learn more about this unintentional mental health superhero.

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