– Did You Know You Can Use Clubhouse to Get Healthier? Here are 20 Clubs We Love

Clubhouse is the new, fast-growing, invite-only social networking app that allows people to voice chat about a variety of topics. Health is one of the fastest-growing areas of discussion. In fact, at any time, day or night, you can find conversations about health, wellness and wellbeing on Clubhouse.

A warning: Clubs are led by a variety of licensed professionals, as well as enthusiasts. When you listen and participate in these discussions, it’s wise to heed the disclaimer offered by many clubs—that information shared is for the purpose of education or entertainment, and is not a substitute for therapy or medical advice.

That said, are you ready to jump into Clubhouse to get physically and mentally healthier? Here are 20 well-known clubs, as well as some hidden gems, to up your healthy game:

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