– Your Step-by-Step Guide to Start Cycling Over 50

If it’s been a few years — OK, maybe decades — since you hopped on a bike, there’s no better time to take up this low-impact exercise. Even if you’ve been pedaling on a stationary bike for exercise, it doesn’t compare to the actual experience of hitting the road.

“Biking among people 50 and over has grown in recent years, especially due to the introduction of e-bikes and better infrastructure,” Tim Blumenthal, president of the national nonprofit bicycle advocacy group People for Bikes, tells

And you’re certainly not alone if you let the habit fall by the wayside: According to the 2018 U.S. Bicycling Participation Report commissioned by People for Bikes, 89 percent of participants who didn’t ride in the past 12 months have ridden a bike at some time in their lives.

Since the coronavirus pandemic has forced many Americans to get more creative with their commutes to avoid crowded buses and trains, more people over 50 are relying on bikes to run errands and get around town.

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