– Help for the Messy, Awful World of Midlife Reinvention

“If you want to know how J.Lo coped as she turned 50, don’t listen to my podcast,” says Mary Rogers, creator of Experience 50: The Podcast for Midlife. While most midlife women would gladly trade their problems for J.Lo’s (we’re so sorry A-Rod snores, really), instead they’re struggling with every aspect of life — finances, relationships, children, aging parents, loneliness, and more. Despite these realities, Rogers is the only podcaster showing not just the good — but the bad and the ugly — aspects of midlife. “My listeners hear about all these supposedly ‘happy’ women in midlife and think there’s something wrong with them,” says Rogers. “They appreciate hearing from a woman in her 50s saying ‘This is really hard — it can be messy, awful even.’” 

The longest-running podcast on midlife (it launched in late 2015), Experience 50 has won fans and accolades, including being chosen in August 2019 as one of “8 Podcasts for Anyone Nervously Facing Retirement,” by The Wall Street Journal. With a style that’s part best friend, part straight shooter, and part journalistic interviewer, Rogers does more than simply give a voice to the challenges of midlife — she speaks from experience.  

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